Global warming offers a range of powerflushing specifically set up for the design of your central heating system, carried out by gas safe registered engineers. Powerflush cost will range depending on the size of your system.

Powerflush Leicester cost starts from £220 inc vat.

All central heating systems should be kept clean and have inhibitor added to them in sufficient quantities to prevent the forming of sludge.
That is true for any system, regardless of layout or age, 80% of all the trouble you have or will have with your system is either related directly or indirectly to sludge / debris in your system.
The only real way to know if you need one done is to have a water sample tested – we now offer FREE testing of domestic samples.
If you haven’t had sludge prevention introduced in the last 5 years then you will more than likely need a power flush. A powerflush would remove 99% of sludge.
The magnet sludge test: using a strong magnet to test copper pipes for metallic sludge, works really well. Copper is non-magnetic and the magnet will NOT stick to it unless there is a lot of sludge inside the pipes. If it sticks to a copper pipe, you will need a power flush. The areas most affected by sludge, on open vented systems (tanks in loft), is the pipes leading into and coming out of the external pump. Power flushing is the new minimum standard for system maintenance.
Sludge in the system affects energy efficiency as your boiler is working harder to reach its desired temperature causing your boiler to be uneconomical. We recommend a magnet filter (magnaclean) after a powerflush or when having a new boiler installed. The magnet should be cleaned annually when the system is drained out and inhibitor re-introduced to the system. This is usually done when the boiler has been serviced. We recommend a powerflush every 10 years prior to central heating system being maintained correctly to ensure energy efficiency.

Symptoms for a Leicester powerflush:

  • Cold spots in radiators. (usually near the bottom)
  • Continuous venting of radiators.
  • Noisy pipes
  • Noisy boiler (kettling noises)
  • Boiler cutting out
  • Heating taking a long time to heat up to temperature
  • Pump and valves seizing
  • Reduced efficiency causing rise in gas bills.
  • Boiler warning overheating.

Magnaclean magnet filter installed to your central heating from £160 inc vat.
If you would like a quote for a powerflush or would like advice on a powerflush then give us a call now on

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